Frequently Asked

What is Acetest?

Acetest is an online platform that allows students to practice for their aptitude tests across all universities in Pakistan.

How does Acetest aid in students' aptitude test preparation?

Acetest provides past papers, guess papers, live tests and daily quizzes for the students. Furthermore, with advanced data analytics tools, students can gauge their progress based on the level of difficulty they can attempt, the topics that require more focus, the timing of each question they solve, and their standing among other students.

These are the question papers intricately designed by our team that stimulate students' creative thinking and help them learn along whilst they are solving. The guess paper will also help you prepare for any new topic the university may have added to their curriculum in recent years and get familiar with the new aptitude test format instead of previous years.

A past paper is an original test conducted by the university itself in previous years. All past paper questions remain the same for all the students in the same sequence. The students can access themselves by solving the papers and comparing their results based on the actual paper tested by the university.

A live test is a university-specific test held on a designated day ad time slot mentioned in the package details. It is not available at all times like guess, past papers and daily quizzes and will be activated on a particular date. This test is the same for all the students and provides ranking amongst all the students appearing for the test. This way, the students can assess their standing across the country even before the actual university test. However, your ranking will be visible to only you.

Quizzes are taken subject wise for each university. Students can solve a maximum of 10 questions in a quiz but can attempt the quizzes multiple times. Each time a different quiz will be generated for the student.

No. As of now, we do not provide video lectures to our students.

Yes! Students can visit the progress report on their profile tab and see their progress for all the tests performed.

Yes! You can contact us and book a slot with our career counselling department. You may email us at or WhatsApp us at +92335-0357167.

If for any reason, the student wants a refund, they can email the cause along with the bank account details at The request needs to be sent to us within 24 hours of payment; otherwise, the request will not be entertained.

All payments need to be made online, after which access will be provided as soon as the payment is received from our end. Please view our Payment page for further details.

You can send your query to us at In addition, you can call or WhatsApp us at +92335-0357167. You may also inbox us on our social media handles.